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    Dilemma. Adobe Premiere causing audio problems with my iMac


      So here it is.

      I am running Adobe Premiere CS5.5 on a 21" iMac.

      IMac is running OSX 10.6.

      I am using an MBOX interface to run my audio through.

      So I have an MBOX 3 plugged into my computer through USB.

      I have monitor speakers hooked up to this Mbox.

      and I have my mac set for this MBOX to be the default audio output on my system.


      Here is where the problem lies.

      When I load up Adobe Premiere and click play on any video thats loaded. The audio in adobe premiere itself sounds fine

      but when I go to another application on my mac to play something with sound, the sound plays choppy with a small amount of distortion and is slooooowed down.

      When this happens it doesn't affect the audio in youtube videos. Only the audio in applications that are installed on my system (ie, quicktime, Itunes, VLC player).

      The only way to get my audio corrected is to uninstall my MBOX driver(restart computer) reinstall the driver(restart computer again).

      If everything is working ok and I load up Premiere and the audio settings in Premiere are selected to use the iMac speakers then I dont have these troubles.

      But the second I set Premiere to use the MBOX or the computers default output(which is the Mbox as well) and I click play on something in Premiere. I get the slowed, static, choppy sound again.



      Someone PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEE Help me. I am begging you!

      lol sorry, but this is just reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy annoying and frustrating.

      Thank you so much in advance.