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    Indesign PDF Export issue - quality


      I have InDesign Desktop CS5 and InDesign Server CS5.5


      When I export using InDesign Desktop, it exports a 2.16mb file and everything is sharp.

      When I export using Indesign Server, it exports a 264kb file and at 125% zoom level, it looks blurry.

      The preset we used was High Quality Print.

      I cannot get the file over 2mb on InDesign Server (max was 1.2mb with all the settings turned on).


      How can this be when it's using the same pdf export preset and same template? I also tried manually creating new preset based on the High Quality Print settings but it's still blurry.


      Just for testing, I tried this on the regular InDesign Server CS5, and it exported fine. What settings were changed between CS5 and CS5.5 (everything is set to default settings)?