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    Problem with internet connection?

    C Beast

      When I try to download Adobe Flash Player 11, I get past most of the steps and then a pop-up comes up that say's I need to connect to the internet. I click on Internet Exploror and my homepage comes up. I go back to the pop-up and click on the "retry" and it comes up the same. What do I do?

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          Gautham K Level 4



          Make these changes to Internet Explorer settings and then try to download the software:


          1. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options.

          2. In the Security tab, click Custom Level.

          3. Choose Enable for the following security settings: 

          • ActiveX Controls And Plug-ins > Download Signed ActiveX Controls
          • ActiveX Controls And Plug-ins > Run ActiveX Controls And Plug-Ins
          • ActiveX Controls And Plug-ins > Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe For Scripting
          • Downloads > File Download
          • Miscellaneous > Allow Script-Initiated Windows Without Size Or Position Constraints
          • Scripting > Active Scripting

          • Click OK, and then click OK again.


          Close Internet Explorer after making these changes. Reopen it and then try downloading Flash Player from this link - Get Adobe Flash Player



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