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    Premiere 5.5 can't load 3rd Party VSTs


      Hi everyone !


      I can not see any of my VSTs in PrP 5.5 - but I can see and use them in audition !

      I know this is an already discussed issue ! I have tried "thousands" of new regedit (VST and wow6432node) keys and none of them worked for me.

      My Os is Windows 7 and it's a 64 bits release.


      I know some VST can't work with it PrP - the VST i'm trying to use are those I use in Logic for work.

      Alloy from izotope for example and it appears to be able to work with Prp (someone here on the forum did it)


      Do you have any idea of how I could make it work ? No other solution than regedit ;x ?

      Thanks you so much for your answer !