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    Comparison Test Reqd for PRE10


      In a previous post Ted Smith wanted the name ofr the program I claimed was considerably faster than PRE10, Steve Grisetti also asked me to name the program.

      My other NLE is CyberLink's PowerDirector 9 Ultra, the current version is PD10 which is claimed to be faster still.


      Now, if anybody has the time, please carry out the following test.


      Add 9 high quality AVCHD video clips (I used 1280x720p 30fps MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) into the timeline, stacked one above the other.

      Trim the length of each clip to 30 seconds.

      Resize and position each clip to create a 9 video TV wal.

      Save the project then press play to preview the video wall. Can you play this correctly without the need to timeline render (PD9 can).

      Switch to the Share Tab and select computer, choose MPEG2 and use preset HDTV 720p 29.97 HQ and save project.



      1. How long did it take to create and successfully play in preview

      How long did it take to render and save the file to your HD for playback in VLC or other


      Using PowerDirector 9 Ultra, the video wall and playback was completed in just under 7 minutes

      The project was rendered and saved to HD in 29 seconds


      I have carried out the test in PRE10 and was considerably slower, but that could just be that I'm still learning PRE10, but it did take almost 2 minutes to save the project


      Intel i7 930 Win 7 64 bit

      16 GB Ram

      Radeon HD 5770 1GB driver version 11.11


      Comments please