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    New! Attachments - Upload files as part of a form submission

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      You can now add multiple file attachment fields to your forms to collect  files from respondents. Almost all file formats are supported for upload including audio and video (executable and other such file types are not allowed). All files are virus scanned by the service.



      You can add field restrictions that force respondents to upload files less than a certain size, upload multiple files and/or only upload certain file formats.



      All of the data and files collected are acccessible from the View reponse tab.


      Files from multiple respondents can be downloaded together within a single zip file by the author. When downloading, the author has the option of prefixing a field value to the filenames so they know which respondent submitted a file.




      Attachments is available to both free and paid users, however, the maximum file size of all files submitted by one respondent is 100KB for free users and 20MB for paid users. There is no limit on the amount of overall file storage for a free or paid users.



      • You no longer have to manage collecting data and files using different solutions – like filling out the form using FormsCentral and sending the files via email. Files and data can now be collected using a single method and everything is stored in one central place so managing the collection process is much easier.
      • Ensure that respondents provide the right number, size and type of files.


      Example Use Cases

      • Employment Application – Job applicant needs to submit their resume with their application as a single PDF or Word file.
      • College Admission – High school student (or parents) need to submit an essay, high school transcript and reference letters with their admission form.
      • Grant Application – Applicant needs to submit a proposal document and pictures (JPG or PNG) of their previous work in order to be eligible for the grant.
      • Client Onboarding – Financial advisor needs to collect account information and investment documents from new clients.
      • Request for Proposal – Procurement department needs to collect bids from competing vendors. Vendors need to fill out a form with their company’s information, provide certification documentation and a detailed proposal document.
      • Conference Registration – Exhibitors and speakers need to provide a JPG or PNG head shot for the conference directory that is less than 1MB in size when registering.
      • Change Order – Engineering firm uses a change order form to manage changes to their engineering specs. Change orders routinely include videos, images or other drawings to support the requested change.