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    Problem with Sound and Video in AE


      Hello. I am a first time user to the After Effects program, and am incurring a problem.

      I have been editing a video, and at a certain point, the sound is completely cut off. I have trued a number of things including

      importing the original video file into the program again, as well as checking the audio and wavelengths in that layer (which is flatlined).


      Can you please help me? Is there anything else that I can do?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          But is there actually sound in the source file? Verify it in another media player, editing or sound tool first. People sometimes do stupid things like switching off microphones in the middle of shooting... Other than that it could simply be a memory problem where you run out of RAM to decode the whole audio as well as previewing the waveform. Choosing anotehr audio format or splitting up the clips in another programm might help, especially if your audio is embedded in a compressed format. AE just doesn't like MP3 at al particulalrly...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When is the sound cut off? If it's with an audio preview check the preferences. You can set the length of an audio preview to any length you want.

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              MayBest Level 1

              @Mylenium, yes there is sound in the original source file. I have been playing it in QuickTime for umpteen hours. For some strange reason, the video's sound cuts off after a certain period.


              What program do you suggest I use to cut the video? I Movie is the next best thing within my reach....

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                MayBest Level 1

                @Rick Gerard, the sound cuts off after 2minutes or so.

                I'm editing a corporate training video and trying to blend sections of the original video source file.

                As I am working piece by piece, when choosing what to preview, I've only selected a smal portion to view....