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    How to go about this?


      I have been designing/building websites for over 12 years until 4 years ago when I just stopped doing it. Now, I’m in a situation that I need to do a bit work again. And I need your advice since dreamweavers capabilities has changed so much since “those’ years. I have a network of distributors and need to create for each one of them their own website that shares the same look, layout, content, menus, etc. The only different, “personalized” part is going to be their personal info with photo in the right side column. I thought about placing each distributor in separate folder – like in domainname.com/john,  domainname.com/terry , etc. What’s the best approach without duplicating the same pages/files for each folder? I’ll do frequent updates to articles/content so I want to do it once for all. In older times we used java script to emulate similar functions, but it was a lot of manual work. Has the latest Dreamveaver some of those functions automated so it’s easier to apply it, either html5 or java?  I any case, I’ll greatly appreciate any of your suggestion.

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          mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

          Dreamweaver has got a fantastic template system that allows you to

          create and make changes to your various sites.  If you haven't done

          anything for nearly 4 years then you will need to start pretty quickly

          to get back into habit of doing some gainful work.


          I suggest read this article to get a feel of of what is currently involved:




          Good luck.

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            MurraySummers Level 8

            I agree.  And the only configuration that will let this work as originally described would be the subdirectory method in the original post -






            Your Template would then be able to manage the 'boilerplate' layout in each of those subfolders within a single site definition. 


            As a cautionary note, don't fall for the siren call of using either nested Templates or multiple Templates for the site.  It's easy enough to make this all work with a SINGLE Template, which is much more manageable from a maintenance perspective.

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              andkiet Level 1

              Thank you both of you for quick reply. It's appreciated. This is good news and I only wish we had all these capabilities of Dreamweaver back in old days. On the other hand that keeps everything exciting and engaging. Cheers!