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    Unable to Download PDFs


      For some reason, users are having problems opening PDFs from our website.  I thought it was the server, but I placed some documents on a different server and users are having problems there too.


      See the following link:



      It's the October and January issues people are having problems with.  Our user base is not very computer literate, and I've tried to explain that they need to save and open the PDFs, but I think most are still opening in their browser. 


      Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

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          Hi there, I had a look at the link and opened a link from that page. And Yes, the links open within that page. I would suggest you to add the PDF file to a zip. file. All zip. files will open as a download link. The advanagte about this also is that you can add a promo txt. file indicating where the download come from.


          Here is an good example of a site I quite use offen to download pdf's/ebooks.




          If you did not want to zip ever file, when you are creating your hyperlinks within your site, redirect that particular link to a new page, sometimes this will work.


          I hope this has answered your question.

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            pwillener Level 8

            I have no problems opening the PDFs on your website in the browser.  This is, as long as I use a 32-bit browser; Adobe Reader is not supported on 64-bit browsers.