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    adobe pdf problem


        I continue to get emails for a online survey that i should be able to print out and was able to always view and printout on my previous pc but now i have a Imac and I am not able to open up the pdf . It continues to say i need to download a pdf viewer . Ihave done that and ran the Adobe reader 10.1.1 .  My computer in applications shows I have done that. But the email is still not recognizing it and is still asking me to download it. I have never had this problem before on my pc and don't know what to do,   I have already talked to Apple and they tried to help but to no avail and said I need to contact you.   HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I can forward the email to you if you give me a email address.   mine is [removed]



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          pwillener Level 8

          Sorry, I have no idea how email clients work on a Mac, or how Adobe Reader interacts with them.


          All I can suggest for now that you save the PDF attachments to disk, then open them from there.


          There are some people with Mac knowledge on this forum; hopefully someone can give you a more useful reply.

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            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

            Looks like a file association problem to me. Right click on the icon of a PDF in your HD, click on Get Info, and see what it says under Open With. It should be either Adobe Reader, or Mac OS's own viewin program (called Vista Previa in Spanish, could be something like Preview in English). If it isn't, change to the one you want, clicking on the Change All button.


            If I am right, this should solve your problem.