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    IOS and other mobile devices development

    Amitabh Arya Level 1



              I am just starting with devices development using Flash builder 4.6. Anybody who already developed something using it can Answer my questions.


      >> How can we save files on mobile devices like IOS, do we have a database, can we save a file in form of xml or text. Can we keep the file in memory? How to figure out total space available on the dics?

      >> How can we get the remote data, can we make the remoting calls like AMF php or zend amf using RemoteObject or NetConnection classes?

      >> We have created some nice animations using flash, how can we use it in IOS application developed by Flash builder?

      >> Can we use bluethooth functionalities?

      >> Can we load the swfs in ios if yes then how (Using swfloader or somethign else)?


      >> Any other information, we should know before start the development, We need to developer a application of games (with in app buy option) [For IOS, Androids and blackberry]


      All your help would be great guys Happy holidays.