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    Codec/wrapper problem


      Long story short a friend of mine needs help and I offered to put his problem on this forum:


      "mpeg 2 is the standard definition DVD codec. I have it. every computer has it
      . the problem is this ******* put that in an HD MOV container which
      is not supposed to happen. So the computer isn't recognizing it as anything
      because the computer is trying to play a quicktime file when it's really an MPEG 2 file in disguise...



      It's like having a file that SAYS it's a .mp3 file, but it's really an AAC file or some other random unused audio format

      so the computer doesn't know how to play it because it's confused

      i tried changing the extension manually from .mov to .avi to .mpg and to .mp4 and that didn't work"


      Unfortunately he doesn't have the original footage, I think the problem might just be that the files are corrupt but I don't know.


      Any help/ideas are appreciated,


      Thank You.