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    Adobe Premiere CS5 & 5.5 Multicam & Preview Windows Issue


      Why Adobe Premiere multicam is restricted to only four 4 cameras? While other softwares like FCP offers 9 cameras and Edius 6 offers 16 cameras previews. Edius 6 also offers proxy mode for smooth editing. Once you have done multicam edit you can turn off proxy mode. Also in Edius 6 you can full screen any preview window Multicam window, source window and program window etc on any monitor if you have multi views like 1,2 and 3 displays. You Can full Screen Multicam viwes in monitor 1 and PGM on other. This is Very Great feature in Edius. You can edit multiformat in Edius 6 and it is Realtime. In Adobe Premiere pro's every version Previews monitor windows have very bad quality but in Edius 6, Speed Edit 2.0, Previews windows never loose qualiy werther full scerren or half. Quality remains same. I want Adobe to fix these issues. Premiere will Rock.