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    Why I can't install Flash Builder 4.6 with a Master Collection Serial Number?

    gigi villa Level 1

      Hi all,

      downloaded Flash builder 4.6, i had a Master collection 5.5 suite which includes (obviously) Flash Builder 4.5,1.

      I found that I can’t install the 4.6 version with the serial number of the Master Collection.

      The Adobe support told me thet I can’t install the single packet but I can upgrade the entire suite of (probably) six months when the 6.0 version will becomes available.

      I feel cheated.

      I spent a lot of money to buy and upgrade the entire suite and now I can’t upgrade Flash Builder only.

      Can you help me?

      If there is not a solution I think I'll nerver upgrade the suite anymore, I'will port all of my mobile code in Objective-C and "tanti saluti".