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    Still Images blurred when exported from PE10


      Hello all!


      I'm having some issues when exporting my project from PE10, in that the finished product is visibly blurry.


      I'll run you through my process -

      I'm importing still images into a project as to make a sort of stop-motion esque short with some audio underneth. The images I'm importing are all hi-res jpegs, taken from a Canon EOS 450D, ran through Photoshop, where any adjustments are made. I am then resizing the images to 720x480 as I have read this is the required size for working in standard resolution.


      When I view the files in Photoshop, preview and even when I first import them into my timeline, there is no visible distortion or blurryness. Yet when I export the project to test it, the images become blurred.


      My question is this...why? Is the resolution of my final images still wrong? Could it be something to do with my graphics card? I'll list all the specs below.


      Macbook 2.16 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2Gb DDR2 RAM with a GMA 950 graphics card. Running Snow Leopard with plenty of free memory.


      My project setting are as follows -


      Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 11.08.38.png


      Thanks for reading this and hopefully someone can help. It's been driving me bloody mad these past few days and I'm hoping it's just something very obvious staring me right in the face!





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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Tom



          For stills try using the DSLR project settings. On export I find one of the H264 settings (MP4) works well. After clicking share you will find it listed under the AVCHD tab. Clips play well in QuickTime and Windows Media Player.





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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            As jon says, a lot depends on what you're outputting your slideshow as.


            If you output your video as a DVD or as a full quality 640x480 .mp4, .mov or .avi, there is no reason the photos shouldn't look identical to your 640x480 images. (Sizing them to 720x480 will only work if you're using non-square pixels, by the way. 720x480 non-square video pixels, as I explain in my books, is the equivalent of 640x480 photo pixels.)