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    Niceties of apply the [None] character style and its relation to Break link to Character Style (CS4 upwards)

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      Am I the last to realise that, with text selected, clicking on is

      different from right-clicking on and selecting "Apply " in

      the character palette?


      Let me explain: Say you have some text selected. The text has a

      character style applied called "Superscript", whose only attribute is to

      apply superscript.


      Now, with that text selected, if you click on the result is that

      is applied and all formatting is lost.


      But, if you right-click on and choose "Apply " from the

      context menu, is applied but formatting is NOT list. Effectively

      this is the equivalent of choosing "Break link to style" in the flyout

      menu of the character palette.


      Curious to know if you've come across that that distinction before?