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    Frame rate problems on clip, noob needs help


      Hey everyone, I don't have much background in video edit and absolutely no training so if there are some really simple things that I might be overlooking, don't be afraid to suggest them.


      Basically my project consists of 3 different file types:

      • 720p .mts from Panasonic GH1 at 59.94fps
      • 720p .mov from Canon 60D at 59.94fps
      • an .avi stream capture from Ustream at 30fps


      My sequence is set to 29.97fps.  I've been using the AVCHD 720p30 preset.  I've never really understood what settings I should be using and I know that is a problem.


      Anyways, the .mts and .mov files look great but the stream file looks like it is playing at probably 2x speed but then it jumps back after about a second and replays itself.  The audio is working fine but I can't figure out why the video is all over the place.  Any solutions and/or advice for me?  Thanks