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    CFIMAP and date formats

    plarts Level 1

      I did a WEBMAIL using CFPOP.


      I want now to use CFIMAP,

      but when checking date (sentdate), I have a problem :


      I use function isDate(sentdate), it is OK, pass

      I then I use ParseDateTime with POP attribute


      <cfif isDate(sentdate)>

           <cfset l_date=ParseDateTime(sentdate,"pop")>


      I get an error :

      {ts '2011-12-09 14:03:53'} is not a valid date format

      How to get a valid date with this ?


      It did work with CFPOP and variable "date"


      Thanks for any suggestion about this change of date format

      between CFPOP and CFIMAP.

      What do I need to use to get a valid date with CFIMAP and "sentdate" ?



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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          DateFormat() formats dates.


          Be careful with isDate().  Sometimes it returns the wrong answer.  Also make sure that validating the date is necessary.  If the string came from a user, validate it.  If it came from something that only returns dates validation is a waste of processing.

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            Bob Mack - Boston

            Taking out the "Pop" solved the issue with dates in the format you quote, although I think ParseDateTime will then fail on the more typical pop format, which has -0500 or some such after the date and time.  <cftry> is the soverign remedy for issues like this but it's a pain in the neck that ParseDateTime isn't smarter.  It's not brain surgery to parse the date whether or not it has -0500 after it!