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    Consume Exchange Webservices (EWS)



      i am quite new to the platform and am striving to port a project to the Flex/Air mobile platform.

      I have created a Flex Mobile Project and want to include the webservices of our Exchange server (Exchange 2007 SP 1).


      I use the "generate service call" wizard, choose web service (wsdl) and enter the wsdl URI of the relevant services.wsdl.

      The EWS definition consists of services.wsdl, messages.xsd and types.xsd.


      I get the following error message:

      "Unable to retrieve operations and entities from the specified WSDL. Reason: There was an error during service introspection"

      "Referenced file contains errors (.../types.xsd) "


      I have successfully used this webservice with SoapUI and Axis, and the error message is not very descriptive.


      What other options do i have? I have searched this forum and some other resources, but found no reference of somebody using EWS using Flex or ActionScript.