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    Ruler on Facing Pages Issue

    RAOmilctr Level 1

      Mac OS 10.6.8, 8gb, CS 5.5 InDesign


      On my documents, I use facing pages layout with the Ruler enabled. Normally, when you have a complete spread open, the Ruler Origin is at the spine, with the unit measure negative to the left and positive to the right (and positive from top to bottom of page).


      However, on the first page of the layout, when you have a single, odd numbered page showing, the Ruler Origin doesn't align to the spine. Instead, it aligns to the upper right corner of the page (and measurement is negative to the left).


      The Ruler should re-align to the spine on the first page (on the last page of the document, it maintains the alignment to the spine).


      Has anyone seen or can verify this behavior?