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    Data Merge: Multiple Records, previews correctly— but outputs one record multiple times




      I can't get merge to correctly output multiple records on one page.


      • I have one text box in the master—located top left. I only have 4 or 5 records to merge and want to fit them on one page
      • There is no overset text
      • No images
      • I have it set to output the records in columns
      • The preview shows exactly what I want to happen—multiple records displayed as multiple columns
        • (I found a comment on a similar problem stating that previewing has a bug, still exports incorrectly if I skip previewing)
      • Exporting Directly to PDF WORKS (#%*^@#)


      Output (not to PDF): it picks the last record and duplicates it (the correct number of times, as if it knows what it's supposed to do, but then at the last minute, it chickens out.)


      I'm using InDesign 7.0.4 on Mac OS X Lion.


      Any help is GREATLY appreciated