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    Rip content from .exe?




      I've searched, I've Googled, I've read.  I'm hoping in the time between the old threads and this, something has changed!


      I've been given a job to rebuild a gallery exhibit which was written in Director 3 or 4.  It's 13-15 years old.  I have an .exe and that's it.  Is there a away to extract the data from this, I just need the images, it's going to be re-coded in AIR.


      The alternative would be to screen capture and Photoshop the results, but time is limited.


      So I wonder how possible this is?


      Thanks in advance for any advice, even if it's a big fat no!

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          I wonder as well the most efficient way - however you can export as jpgs.

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            mrTortex Level 1

            I can export as JPEG's from within the .exe?  I'll give that a go, althoug the .exe I've been given keeps crashing so...  I may just have to start from scratch.

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              Mike Blaustein Level 4

              I don't know if this will work on such an old version of Director, but in newer versions, you can make a text file named lingo.ini in the same folder as the projector with the following text:


              on startup

              the debugPlaybackEnabled=1



              and when the projector starts, you will get a message window... from there, you may be able to manipulate the internal casts... so you might be able to retrieve the raw images that way.


              Also, there is a program called "diropener" that will turn a exe into a dir (it only works on Dir 8 and less... but I dont know if it works on one that old)... anyway, you can try it as well if you can find it.