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    no thumbnails on Bridge anymore

    cardarch Level 1

      I have bridge CS4 and CS5.  CS4 used to show thumbnails of raw photos.  But no more.  CS5 never did.  Then I installed Snow Leopard.  Now CS4 doesnt show them either and the 2 spots where choices are given for raw are greyed out.  I hope someone can help me be able to use Bridge again with my photos from my canon camera.  Thanks for any help.

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          Yammer Level 4

          Sounds like your Bridge cache database is corrupt. Try starting Bridge with the Cmd button held down. Select the option to purge the thumbnail cache.

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            cardarch Level 1

            opened bridge holding cmd button down.  tools, cache, purged cache folder "pictures"  only choice.  did it 3 times to no avail.  thanks.

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              cardarch Level 1

              Bless  you my child Yammer P.  It worked for Bridge CS4!!!  hurray.  But not for CS5 unfortunately. 

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                cardarch Level 1

                The raw thumbnails returned to Bridge CS4 for a brief moment after I followed your advice. Then I downloaded Camera raw 6.5 update as suggested by others on this list.  That put me back to where I was before with no thumbnails eventhough I purged the cache several times.   I dont know how to uninstall the camera raw 6.5 update or for that matter, the CS 6.3 update either.  Please help. 

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                  Yammer Level 4

                  You shouldn't need to uninstall 6.5. In fact, you should use 6.5 for CS5, and 5.7 for CS4. I suspect that your problems aren't related to Camera Raw errors.


                  First things first: Are all installations of Photoshop fully updated? Try Help > Updates on both installations and see if it offers updates for you.


                  Secondly, it has been known for people to have multiple plug-ins installed, but I'm not sure this would cause the problem you are seeing. Not being a Mac person, I can't advise on specifics, but you need to search for instances of "Camera Raw.8bi", and confirm that there is only one per installation - you should be able to confirm this from Help > Plug-ins too.


                  In Windows 64-bit installs, there is a second 64-bit plug-in. I don't know how this works for 64-bit Mac systems.


                  You can clear a cached thumnail on an image by image basis. Just right-click the thumbnail in Bridge and select "Purge Cache for Selection".


                  In the offchance that your Bridge cache is well and truly screwed, you could try changing its location. Go into Bridge Preferences > Cache and change the cache location to a writeable local folder, then restart Bridge.


                  I should probably check the obvious too: which camera's raw files are you trying to view, and will they actually open in Camera Raw, regardless of the thumbnails?

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                    Bo LeBeau Level 4

                    Things are a bit different on the Mac.


                    The camera raw plugin is called, get ready for it: Camera Raw.plugin    The Camera Raw.8bi is only on Windows


                    To confirm the plugin version you have:

                    In Photoshop, go to Photoshop menu, About Plug-in, Camera Raw

                    In Bridge, go to Adobe Bridge CS5 menu, Camera Raw Preferences. it will be listed in the title bar of the preferences window.


                    If you want to make sure there is only one version on Camera Raw installed per CS version check the following:

                    In a Finder window, click you Hard Drive icon, go to Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS5/File Formats

                    For CS4 just change the path to CS4 instead of CS5


                    You should only have one version for CS4, the latest that will work with CS4 is v5.7

                    In CS5 the latest is v 6.5 (there is a beta 6.6, but this is still beta)


                    If there is more than one version in each location, delete the older ones.

                    If you download the  Camera_Raw_6_5_updater.dmg use the included installer.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      Bo LeBeau wrote:


                      Things are a bit different on the Mac.


                      And now with Windows 8 coming out, those of us who assume the majority of users have PCs need to unlearn what we have learned.