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    I can't edit my master page

    corriela Level 1

      InDesign CS5.5 PC Windows 7


      I have created a masterpage and been working with it on 30 pages of my document.

      I went back to the master page to edit something but nothing is selectable!


      - I have check that nothing on the page is locked (Object > 'unlock all on spread' is greyed out)

      - I have tried selecting 'Override all masterpage items' on both the master itself an several of the document pages

      - I have restarted InDesign

      - Incase just my selected items weren't showing their grab points I tried selecting, copying and pasting but nothing


      Am I missing some extra lock feature somewhere? I have been using InDesign for over 10 years and have never come across this!


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm on a scary deadline


      Many thanks