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    Hyperlink to file

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      As a Technical Writer, I write various product related documents. I like to include hyperlinks to reference relative literature. Although I can cross-reference to headings and other text in the relative file, I have found that this slows down and even crashes my InDesign file. So I have settled on using the file: type hyperlink. When on the web, all published documents (PDF format) are stored in the same folder on the host server. Thus, relative linking works fine.


      The problem is that when I create a file type hyperlink, InDesign automatically places the text "file:" in front of the "file name.extension" text. My webmaster tells me the link will not work with this syntax, so I always have to remove "file:" from the hyperlink text. How can I tell InDesign not to add "file:" in front of the file name? What is the purpose of the "file:"? Is it similar to "mail:"?