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    .MTS files - Stereo playing back as mono

    ROKK_PAPA Level 1

      HUGE bone head move, hopfully someone has a resonably quick fix to offer.


      Recorded video with the AF-100,   .MTS file says stereo but only plays back in left channel.


      Now after editing the project in an effort to fix the mistake,

      In PPROcs5.5 I did the channel mapping to resolve this to stereo

      so now those origanal .MTS files now play back as stereo.


      Heres my problem.


      In my haste to get this job edited I didn't pay attention to the audio tracks other than to sync the multiple cameras and tracks accordinly.

      All of the origanal .MTS files were broken down into subclips , and those subclips are what are in the time line. (30 clips)

      Those subclips do not allow me to change the channel mapping, the options are greyed out.


      Is there a simple way to change these mono audio clips into stereo or at least play right & left or do I need to redo the whole project?


      All resonable suggestions appreciated.