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    Indesign 5.5-J crashes every time when document (pre)view is to open.


      The InDesign document that I've been working on for months (800+ pages) crashed when I modified (and saved) one page layout feature around the 500th page. Ever since, it just keeps on crashing. I'm suspecting that it would not crash if I managed to get it open on the first page (the error seems to come from "PARAGRAPH COMPOSER.RPLN," no matter how I open it, ID just crashes in the same manner. Crash log on http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9Sjj6Rzz) I have a deadline coming up for this book, I have the last update installed, tried restarting... nothing appears to help. I beg you, please don't make me have retype said document in 4 days (which would be plain impossible).


      I'm open to all ideas or experiments. Please, save me.


      Update: Checked on a non-Japanese CS5.5 version at a friend's place, it manifests the same error.