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    how to crop


      I'm wondering how to do this:


      I'm using Premiere Pro 5.5 on a WINDOWS system

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          read up a little ( help files and threads here ) about motion / scale / position...


          good luck !


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Rod points out, Keyframing the Fixed Effects>Motion>Scale, and Motion>Position, will do just what you want. The Fixed Effects are always assigned to any Video Clip and include Motion (Scale & Position), Rotation, Opacity, etc.


            The Keyframing is most easily done from the Effects Control Panel (not to be confused with the Effects Panel, which lists all Effects that can be applied to a Clip - the Fixed Effects are already there, and the Effects Control Panel allows you to control them).


            With the Fixed Effects>Motion & Scale, the Project's Frame Size will effectively crop the footage. Now, if you were to do a PiP (Picture in Picture), the Scale would be smaller, so one would see background around it.


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              Any chance you could post a quick screen video capture illustrating this?

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                I think that I can do better than that - take a look at this ADOBE TV TUTORIAL on Animating with Keyframes.


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