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    Indesign index: Add All for list of words?

    ghavik Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've been busy figuring out a way to let indexing a book become less time consuming. Normally I'll receive a list of words from the author/translator, which, as far as I know, InDesign can't handle, so I've bought IndexMatic2, a helpfull script.


      But I'm still looking aswell at what the index feature of InDesign can do for me.


      This I know:

      I can add a list of words into the InDesign index bij selecting them in the InDesign document and pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+[ or ], but then it only marks the page on which the list of words is set in the document.

      I can add a single word by pressing CTRL+7 and click Add All, so that it will show up in my index with all the pages numbered on which the word was found.


      My question:

      Is there a way to add a list of words at once AND let it find ALL (as in: Add All) the pages on which these words can be found?

      If not, does anybody know of a script that might be able to do this?


      Thanks for thinking along.