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    Expressing or parenting lights across comps

    bogiesan Level 4

      1. I have four small colored circles in one comp that move vertically from the bottom of the screen to the center. They are 3D objects. Call this comp 4 Circles.

      2 I have placed a spotlight behind each colored circle and set them to full light transmission so they cast colored shadows. These four lights are parented to each of the four colored circles.

      3. When I place this 4 Circles comp into another 3D comp, called Stage, the lights from 4 Circles do not come across. Should they? I've tried pushing every button at my disposal.

      4. If I can't get the 4 parented lights from 4 Circles to show up in the Stage comp, I want to put four new spotlights in the Stage comp and parent them to the positions of the 4 Circles so that as the circles move around, so do their individual lights.

      5. I have tried several expressions but I always get expression errors (indecipherable so unmemorable) and I've even had AE crash a couple of times. Mkes a bit of sense since the 3D coordinates in the 4 Circles comp will change relative to the precomp's 3D coordinates in the Stage compwhich leads direclty to unresolvable coordinate systems, some quantity trying to divide by zero, no doubt.

      6. How can I link each of the four circles' movements to lights across the isolated worlds of the comps?


      I've been reading everyting I can find on collapsing and precompsoing 3D.