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    Advice re: dir layout for project/components

      I am new to flex. I've spent most of my programming life writing embedded
      software in C.

      I am trying to decide upon the best directory layout for my flex software. I
      have written a UI component, and I've started on an app the uses the
      component. I have also used the ResourceManager to add localization to my app
      and component.

      The app I am writing is standalone but complimentary to one being written by
      another developer. We intend to share useful components.

      A couple more things to consider would be that we will use subversion for our
      revision control software, and that we will be using 3rd party libraries such
      as pureMVC.

      I will be using the flex builder to write some of my software but I will also
      be writing and maintaining an 'ant' build.xml file(s) as I want to be able to
      build my software with the flex builder.

      In summary, my needs are:-

      * to share components with another developer
      * to use 3rd party source libs and components
      * to maintain all sources (3rd party also) in subversion repositories
      * to build app and components using ant
      * to create and maintain resource bundles for all components and apps
      * to build RSLs and use dynamic linking

      Given these intentions, are there any 'best of breed' techniques or standard
      practices that flex/air developers employ when organising their source code
      repositories and working areas???

      Failing that, would anyone have any suggestions regarding project dir layout?

      Most of what I read in the flex docs is geared towards flex builder users, not
      ant/command line users.