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    Flash on Mac 10.4?


      I'm on Mac 10.4 and Firefox. BBC doesn't like my flash player, though it works perfectly on everything else. I go to download a more up to date one, (though Firefox does never-ending updates), but usual Adobe brick wall, says 10.4 doesn't support Power PCs - great, I'm not on a Power PC chip. It seems that OS 10.4 does not support Flash Player 11,only version 10.1 or maybe 9 - great, back to Adobe to see where I can download these, except err Adobe doesn't have anything like that, just its bog standard 10.4 kerfuffle.


      Any ideas on (a) why BBC is the only site that doesn't like my Flash version? and (b) where can I get a suitable Flash update, if possible avoiding the desultory, dysfunctional Adobe site?



      Many thanks!

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          pwillener Level 8

          royc123 wrote:


          BBC doesn't like my flash player

          I don't know what that means.

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            royc123 Level 1

            Thanks for your response. I have been able to get any live streaming etc until recently, including from the BBC. Then suddenly I can't, the BBC error message was something like your browser does not support this, download a new version of flash player. It was strange, in that I could still see videos but not watch a BBC live stream. I had an inconclusive bout with their help desk, who suggested I check and change my flash player.


            The only change to my set-up has been the frequent automatic Firefox updates. Is it the case that the latest version of Firefox does not  support PowerPC G5 (3.1), which it seems I do have? Certainly the error message from Adobe is that it doesn't support Power PC cpus and I must download an older version of flash, but nowhere on the Adobe site can I see any older version of flash.