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    ADE Doesn't Recognize Kobo E-Reader


      After a couple of months of effort, my wife has been unable to get a library book onto the Kobo e-Reader via Adobe Digital Editions. I am now trying to figure out the problem......


      ADE does not recognize the Kobo e-Reader that is to say the Kobo does not show up as an icon on the Bookshelf of ADE. So there is no way to transfer the book onto it.


      I have tried uninstalling the ADE and reinstalling to see if it would then recognize the e-Reader to no avail.


      The ADE is "authorized" and the Kobo reader is recognized by the computer as evidenced by it showing up with a drive letter in "MY Computer".


      Assistance requested and appreciated.



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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Technology can be a pain in the butt.  There's a process to follow that

          'should' resolve these issues - at least in part.


          Let's look at the pieces first, then try to put them together.


          Once installed, there are very few reasons for reinstalling ADE.  I don't

          think it's helping to try to reinstall ADE in this case.


          The Kobo ereader:  some but not all Kobo ereaders are supported by ADE.

          You didn't tell us which one your wife has, but you can check whether that

          one is supported by going

          HERE<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> to

          the list that's buried in ADE's HELP text.  If it's there, then proceed.

          If not, then ADE won't work with it - yet.  There is alternative

          epublication software, including Bluefire reader.


          If your reader is supported, then you need to register it with Kobo's

          website before it's gonna work with ADE.  When you do that, you should use

          your Adobe ID and password, because Kobo will write a small file to the

          ereader during the registration process and that file will be accessed by

          ADE.  Using the Adobe ID makes everything work just fine....


          You've told us that your computer (Windows PC?) recognizes your Kobo

          ereader as an attached device (probably an external hard drive?).  That's

          another step in the process, so you're good on that point.


          The next step is to plug in the Kobo and make sure that your computer

          recognizes it, and then launch ADE.  If all is well, then ADE will show

          your Kobo on the bookshelf side of the Library screen (left hand side), ahd

          you're ready to drag and drop ebooks to it.


          What can go wrong now?  The most likely problem will be with 'authorizing'

          the Kobo ereader to ADE.  You can do this manually using a combination of

          keys which is described in the ADE HELP text (F1 key in ADE).  If you get

          one of the ADE cryptic error messages, then come back here and members of

          the forum will try to help you  deal with them.


          Another point to consider: each library uses a version of somebody else's

          software to transfer ebooks to ereaders.  It's not uncommon to run into

          problems with that side as well.  Again, come on back and members of the

          forum will try to help you out with that.


          Finally, it's possible to transfer ebooks to the Kobo ereader without ADE

          from the Kobo site and others as well.  Once registered with Kobo, just

          follow their instructions.  For other sites, make sure that the file to be

          transferred is in .epub format, and then just download it to the Kobo once

          you're hooked up to the site.


          Hope this helps!


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            CaperCat Level 1

            Thank you for the detailed feedback.


            The Kobo reader is a WiFi reader which I presume must be supported as it discusses ADE in the manual.


            The most likely problem is in the "authorization" of the Kobo ereader to ADE as everything seems to work except that the Kobo doesn't show up in the ADE Bookshelf.  I have seen reference to using a combination of keys to do this manually but have been unable to find what the combination of keys is using the ADE Help. If anyone can tell me where to find this in the help or what combination of keys I need, that may well solve my problem.





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              I've had this error - Adobe Digital Editions showed my books that I had downloaded from my public library website but not my reader.  The reader showed up as device with removable storage in explorer and also was detected by Kobo Desktop so I knew it wasn't a hardware problem


              I think my problem is due to ADE not liking my "my documents" folder being on an external drive.  It makes a folder called "My Digital Editions" in "My Documents."  My workaround which seems to work is

              • copy the "My Digital Editions" folder to your c drive (mine is just in the root ie c/my digital editions)
              • In ADE select library>add item to library
              • Browse the the "My Digital Editions" folder on your c drive and select a book (EPUB file)


              After a few seconds the reader appears then you can drag and drop any of your books to it.  It must be a bug but it works!  Sadly you seem to have to reselect the c drive location each time and you also have to manually move each new book you download but at least you can read any library books you download.


              I'm hoping Adobe cure this glitch!

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                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                This 'glitch' is the primary reason for my tag.  Adobe has assumed that the

                My Digital Editions folder MUST be installed on the C:\ drive.  Apparently,

                this is a design principal they adopted many years and many releases of

                Digital Editions ago.



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                  I had this issue and fixed it by uninstalling Kobo desktop software and ADE, and resetting my Kobo to factory defaults.  I then restarted my computer, connected my Kobo, installed Kobo desktop software (and went through the e-reader setup)t, then installed ADE and it recognized my Kobo.  I then authorized the computer, and authorized the device.

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                    sjpt Level 4

                    I have seen a few issues with ADE 2.0 and reverted to the earlier 1.7.2.

                    Version 1.7.2 is a little difficult to find,

                    I found it for PC at http://www.tucows.com/preview/853736/Adobe-Digital-Edition-For-EBooks


                    I don't know if ADE2.0 has issues with Kobo too, but it is worth trying 1.7.2 and seeing if it is any better for you..

                    This is a guess; but the last time I made the same guess the issues were different from any I had seen before (XP install), but the guess worked.

                    These issues with the Kobo sound similar to those I had with Sony PRS-350 ( http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1111732?tstart=0 )

                    sarracenia's solution is also similar to mattrweaver1's solution for the PRS-350 in that thread (though even more drastic).

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                      I'm not sure how to help, but have you authorized your kobo to the same Adobe ID as your ADE? ADE can only transfer to devices registered under the same Adobe account.


                      Hope this helps

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                        lankawi2328 Level 1

                        Ooooohhh... I almost forgot... Did you select 'Manage Library' on your device after connecting it?