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    Too many MACHINES????





      I am not on CS5, but on CS4.  I have had this Adobe Design Premium for a loooooong time now. And it is ONLY on this one PC. One of the really old hard drives (250GB!) suddenly died and is unreadable. I may one day recover everything, but whatever.  So having another HD in this box, I reinstalled it and it says it is INSTALLED the maximum number of three activations?  Where?    Certainly not in this house!  Not on this computer!  Is it referring to it being on the old HD that died?


      Is there a solution to this? I have heard that Adobe activation is so utterly bad that people never buy these products ever again. I have never had this problem, so I am not sure what gives.  If I call Adobe, can they fix this? I have no more computers to check where it is installed.


      Any help? Ideas?


      Thanks in Advance,

      Bob Zuvich

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          Yes, you have to give Adobe a call - they're really the only ones who can help... 


          What you might do is ask them to reset all activations they have on record for your serial number in their database.

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            I just find it amazing that in this day and age of the internet, that we cannot do this ourselves through our online accounts!  For a company that professes to be all about the new web, this system is archaic and primitive.  It probably costs less money than having someone sitting on a chat line doing deactivations!

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              I have had repeated problems with licensing and today discover that Adobe allow you to uninstall a product without deactivating it. After you uninstall it you can deactivate it. The effect is that you lose one of your two machine licences in the process.  They don't warn you this will happen - the product just uninstalls and your machine licence is gone.  Apparently no-one thought of attempting to deactivate during the uninstall process. Since you can't use a program once you have removed it from the computer it might just, possibly, make sense to deactivate it at the same time.


              This is close to theft IMHO. It really stinks.  I have the transcript of the dialogue with customer support where he wriggles trying to avoid admitting this is the way Adobe behave.  Yuc. So this is Adobe.

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                Thank you for that answer.  That is definitely theft to me.  What happened was that the person who I got it from hada not de-activated it on their unused machine. They called Adobe and straightened that part out, so that I could.  But your information is the most helpful warning which I never heard.  Going to save it.


                Happy New Year,

                Bob Zuvich