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    Not happy with moving around keys on the timeline

    andreshaldemyr Level 1

      I just changed from Final Cut to Premiere CS5.0 and I really like it. Working on a Macbook Pro i5 2.3GHZ, Mac OSX 10.7 But I am not happy with moving around on the timeline. I was used to using the up and down arrows to move to next video edit point, marker point or audio edit point. I tried everything to change it, highlighted the track etc. It only works together with the FN key, which is a bit uncomfortable. And then it definetely is not going to any audio edit points (very annoying!!!) and marker points (have to use Q and W keys). It makes me doubting if continuing with Premiere or not. Its such an esencial and easy to use tool while editing in a normal fast editing rythm. When I change it in the customize keyboard menu, into a Custom keyboard or FCP keyboard, it would ignore my changes on the arrowkeys, although it recognizes any other changes I do. Is it so complicate to change this issue in Premiere to how it is set in FCP? Its such an obvious tool, using the arow keys to move around, cannot beleive that we have to live with such a limitation. Please!!!