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    Upgrade Plug-ins error (Cannot Open File)


      I was working on a document in CS3 as a final thesis for my masters work. I was using a Blurb template in order to export the file for printing. In between working on the file, one afternoon I could no longer open the file and was met with the follwing error:


      Cannot Open File




      "Cannot open "Masters_book dec.indd".

      Please upgrade your plug-ins to their latest

      versions, or upgrade to the latest version of

      Adobe InDesign."


      I hadn't changed any other files on my computer or ran any updates. I was simply met with the error when I tried launching the application. After trying to run necessary updates I was still met with the same error message. I downloaded the trial version of CS5 on another machine and tried to open it and was once again met with the above error message. I have a back up of the file that I can use but it still represents a lot of lost work if I have to resort to an old file.