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    merge clip audio issues

    eckelsteve1 Level 1

      I am editing a feature film using r3d picture (Red Epic) and 1-3 track wav files for audio on PPR 5.5  Meaning some of the wav files are mono, some dual mono, a few 3 tracks of mono.


      Made merge clips for all my takes.  Premiere automatically turned any 2 or 3 track wav audio files into multiple mono tracks of audio.  Great.    I have been editing, everything works fine.  But then there was a crash.  All the merge clips that had 1 or 2 tracks of audio still work.  But all the merge clips with 3 tracks of audio had a problem:   track 1 had sound information, but now tracks 2 & 3 are blank,no waveform or sound in either the sequence or the original merged clip,  which means that I have to go back and sync up the track 2 and 3 of those clips from the original wav files.


      Any ideas?