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    Dynamic link - AE render quality in PrPro


      I'm a FCP switcher - and decided to check out dynamic link by sending a clip to AE for slow-mo.  In AE I turned on pixel motion and rendered the file - perfect - with new intermediate frames created giving a smooth slo-mo.  However when I rendered the clip in PrPro the new frames were merely repeats, giving that jerky effect. There was no pixel motion (optical flow) applied.  When I rendered out the clip from PrPro to disc, I got another result, this time the new frames were created by repeates and frame blending! 


      Is it possible to render AE comps in PrPro - or do you have to render in AE and re-import into PrPro (which kind of invalidateds the dynamic link idea).


      Thanks for any ideas.




      Mac Pro 2009 8 core

      8 gigs RAM

      Nvidia 8800 512Megs (no CUDA possible it seems)

      PrPro 5.5.2

      AE CS5.5