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    You know what would be even cooler than getting "Group Clips" back?

    mikerephone Level 1

      I'm a radio guy that has been using Cool Edit/Audition going back to 1999 or so. I've got a personal copy of Audition 3 at home, but the station I'm currently at now is finally moving away from Cool Edit Pro due to instability of the program after we upgraded to Windows 7.


      So we're considering whether to upgrade to 5.5 (since I guess upgradeing to 3.0 isn't an option anymore?) or move to Hindenburg. I was hoping that 5.5 would be a smoother transition for the staff at the station, but after looking at both demos, I'm not entirely convinced that's the case. In any event,  I present this all as a background to my joining the many others who are mystified as to why grouping clips was not included in 5.5.


      But rather than beat that dead horse, I'd like to dream a little and submit that what would be even nicer than getting that feature back, would be the ability toggle an option that would allow you to move everything to the right of whatever clip you're working on an equal amount without having to select any other clip. So you wouldn't have to go through the process of selecting and deselcting clips at all...you just move one and everything to the right moves with it.


      Of course the key is that you need to be able to easily turn that feature off, because there are plenty of times that you need to align something without moving other stuff. But more often than not, I find myself moving clips after making edits to take material out or add new material in, so the process of having to keep selecting and unselecting clips while grouping and ungrouping is quite a bit of hassle in and of itself.




      ps -- Please, please please bring back the tone generator...it's such a handy tool to bleep out the occasional cuss word and keep the FCC happy