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    still default frames

    andy1946569 Level 1



      When pulling still jpg's into PE7 they always come over as 5 second shots.

      So I change it in Preferences to what I want, 5 frames, but this doesn't work. The Preferences field accepts 5 frames but it doesn't change the actual default.

      So I closed the program, and reopened. It retains the 5 frames setting but still doesn't change PR7s behaviour.


      Help, Andy

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          nealeh Level 5

          It won't change pictures already imported. It should do so on new imports.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            I have never read of this problem. In Edit>Preferences>Default Still Duration, the change has always worked for others (and myself). There has not been a needed to close/re-launch the program, for the change to take effect. I often do this (plus change the Default Transition Duration), several times per Project, depending on what I am doing.


            I can only imagine that your Preferences have become corrupted. For most Adobe programs, one can hold down Shift+Ctrl+Alt, immediately (and I mean immediately) after launching the program, until it has launched completely, to reset the Prefs to the installation default. Not sure if that works for PrE, or not, as I have never needed to do that in PrE.


            Otherwise, one can rename the Preferences file, and launch, to force PrE to reset. In PrE 4.0, my Preferences file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements\[Versoion Number], and is Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs (no extension). You could Rename that to Premiere Elements Prefs.OLD, and then launch PrE.


            Good luck,



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              andy1946569 Level 1

              Hello Bill, now sorted. It works on latterly imported images but not stills already imported.

              Regards, Andy

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                andy1946569 Level 1

                Super, thank you. Andy

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Yes, the Stills Duration is not retroactive. It only affects Stills Imported (or Titles created), after the change.


                  There is yet no way to alter the Duration of Still Images, once they have been Imported. As of about PrPro CS5, one can now go to the Project Panel, and so long as the Stills have not been placed onto the Timeline, they can be selected, individually, or in a group, and their Duration can be changed. Do not know if we'll see this function added to PrE 11, but maybe. In the meantime, one would just Delete the Stills, make the Duration setting in Edit>Preferences, and then Import again. They will come in with the new Duration.


                  Now, if you already have some on the Timeline, you can manually change their Duration, by Click+dragging on the Head, or Tail. If I need to do that, I like to have the Info Panel open and handy, as it will give you a real-time readout of the Duration.


                  Good luck, and glad that you got it handled.



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                    andy1946569 Level 1

                    Hi Bill, yeah I can change them manually. It's just the video I'm working on needs rapid stills and lots of them.

                    It's fixed now, thank you,


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I had assumed that you had more Stills, than you wished to adjust by hand.


                      Good luck, and happy editing,