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    Downloaded newest version of abobe read 9 help.


      Works on on laptop (windows XP) I can adjust the speed of the reader. (mans voice)


      same on my work PC which run Windows (no issues)


      The PC I really need this work on is my Home Office PC which run Windows Visa Home Premium.

      Downloaded and works. But, I can not adjust the speed of the reader. The only thing I noticed

      is the verision of windows and on this PC it is a womans Voice. The ones the work are a mans voice.

      But, there are no other voices in the voice settings options to change to and when I adjust

      the speed down to 150 words per minute it still provides the fastest read back and I can not change.

      It there an option that the reader will display what is being read as well (scrolls along with what is be read to you)

      I have to use mouse constantly to keep up with the reader. Well, Thanks un advance for any help

      or suggestions. Best Regards. Happy Holidays. Billy~