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    URLLoader Not?

      I have a REST client that makes use of URLLoader to perform it's needs and have a question if anyone else is seeing issues with it. URLLoader no longer dispatches any events or throws any exceptions when connecting locally. Running Flex Builder on the Mac calling a local jBoss servlet to do it's thing. The URL's are correctly being formed as I can see the request hit the servlet. What is problematic is URLLoader acts as though it closes the response stream right after the request has been made. Whatever event I listen for (I have added all URLLoader events) never fire nor are any exceptions thrown. It isn't a timeout issue as it has been working and now suddenly stopped. (the servlet completes it's processing in less that 1/10th of a second.

      I have also seen this exact behavior when I was running Linux in a VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine and was able to overcome that behavior by forcing the traffic to bounce off of an external router rather than run across a NAT'd connection locally. It feels like URLLoader fails when it attempts to make a local connection.