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    Problems uploading to Youtube!!!


      I have a problem with a black border around my video when I upload videos with two videos or more going on at once. What youtube does is it takes my video and shrinks it down and puts the black border around the video. I tried to make the video bigger on Premiere Elements but instead, on youtube, the video was cut off and still had the black border around it. Like I said, youtube doesnt seem to do this to my videos when there is only one video going on at a time, but that really limits me to editing and the border is rather annoying.

      For a reference, you can see my videos and what I mean when I say there's a black border around them at http://www.youtube.com/user/aStoryofaLeaf

      Feel free to email me about this too. Also, if you like my videos feel free to tell me, I love my fans Thanks!

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          Welcome to the forum.


          Let's take one step back for a moment. What are the specs. of your Source Footage, and what is your Project's Preset? Likely, there will be a mismatch there.


          Then, exactly how are you uploading your finished Timeline to YouTube - directly, or Export/Share, then upload?


          Good luck, and let us know a bit more please,