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    problem in setting default index in Tree Control

      hi all,

      i am using flex2.0 final release and in my application i am calling custom function in cretionComplete event
      which set the default index in Tree control...but its not working properly in final flex meanwhile this same thing i am using in flex beta3 ...at that time its working properly but the problem occur only in migration time so can any body tell me what happaning here...

      code....//here MailFolderLists is id of tree control
      public var XLC:XML;
      public function initList(event:Event) : void
      XLC = event.target.lastResult;

      if(MailFolderLists.selectedIndex==-1) //its working
      MailFolderLists.selectedIndex=0; // its not working


      so plz give me solution aasp..
      thanks in advance