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    Minor problems with rolling titles

    N9JCR Level 2

      I made the big move from version 9 to version 10 and while I am overall happy so far (much faster rendering and encoding) and no crashes so far there are two problems I was hoping would be fixed from version 9 (or older):


      1) When doing a copy and paste of text from another program (such as names to go into a rolling title), usually the pasted text gets pasted twice, one right after another.  This happens with using EDIT > PASTE or Control-V.   It's a minor annoyance and it's been this way for as many versions back as I can remember - the next issue is much more of a problem.


      2) In the same window, when working with a rolling title (i.e. credits at the end of a DVD) the scroll bar works backwards!  If you grab the scroll bar at the right of the monitor window, pulling down makes the title roll down, likewise pushing up makes the title roll up.  This is the opposite of any program I can think of and even the opposite of any other scrolling window in PrE!  If that wasn't bad enough, comparing version 10 to version 9, moving the scroll bar just a little bit moves the scrolling text a LOT.  Just moving the scroll bar about 10% of the distance it could move takes me from one end of the credits to the other - really a pain trying to find a particular place in the middle.  


      I'm using an HP PC running Windows 7 home premium (64 bit), 6GB memory, 2.8 GHz quad core.  The video card is an NVIDIA GEFORCE 9100 driver version   Quicktime version 7.7.1.


      Again,overall it's great - just these couple little issues.  Anyone have any suggestions?





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          I have not read of Copy/Paste Text being Pasted twice. That is odd, and obviously not how it should be.


          As for the Scroll Bar, there are little arrowheads, above and below the actual Scroll Bar. If you click on those, do they not incrementally advance (scroll) your Title?


          Now, I have to admit that when working with Rolling Titles, I normally use Photoshop and Word (or WordPerfect in my case). I type the text with little formatting, and then run SpellCheck on it, and also proof it, as it will likely have names for credits, and SpellCheck is not well-suited for that task. Then, I create a New Image in PS, choosing one of the Video Presets, to match my Project. If all of my Text will fit vertically, I leave things alone, but often need more room for the Text. When I do, I go to PS's Cavas Size, and add pixels to the bottom of my Image, up to a total of 4,000 pixels. Then, I just Copy and Paste my Text into that New Image. I Save_As a PSD, and Import that into PrE, as a Still Image. I adjust the Duration, as is needed, and place that Still Image (the Title PSD), where I want it. At that point, it does not Roll, but I will fix that in a second. I use the Fixed Effect>Motion>Position to start that Roll off-screen, and Keyframe the Motion>Position over time. I can even pause that Roll, if required. I can also Roll in either direction, if desired. Done.


          By doing the long Title in PS, I also have the entire Title visible, so no scrolling about, plus I can use all of PS's Styles on my Text Layer.


          Maybe others can address the double Paste and also the Scroll Bar issues directly.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            Pasting works fine here just getting the single text. Bob, do you have some sort of third-party clipboard utility that might be double-pasting? Also note that the Titler can be very slow to display back your entry - might you be [Ctrl]+[V]'ing twice thinking that the first effort failed?


            The Rolling Title scrollbars are as you describe. I've never really noticed it myself as a problem, and I do some quite lengthy end-titles scanning and text-recognizing entire casts and production crews from our local pantomime player groupsprogrammes  and pasting them direct to the rolling credit text box. I suggest you let Adobe know using the Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form.


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