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    Importing from a Canon HFM31


      I am having some problems with the quality of the video I import from my Canon Vixia HF M31.  Everything I import ends up with horizontal lines across the picture that I guess are called interlace lines (?)  The previews look bad and so do the videos I have burned to DVD.


      Here's what I am using.  Adobe Premiere Elements 10.0.  It is installed on an Asus laptop.  Core i7 2620M 2.7 GHz with 8 Gig of RAM.  Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.  No add on video card, video is off the motherboard.


      Am I wrong in thinking it is the setup I am using to get video off the camcorder?


      When I select the option to import from an AVCHD device it doesn't give me the options I THINK I need.  I have been shooting in two modes SP at 7 Mbps and FXP at 17 Mbps.  Both have been shot at PF30.  Is this not 1080 30P?  There is no selection for 1080P only 1080i and 720P.  Do I need to deinterlace a video shot in PF30?  Maybe I don't really know what that means.  I thought it meant 30 fps progressive scan.


      My inexperience is leading me to believe that I may not even be asking the correct questions.


      Any advice would be appreciated.  I need a direction to proceed.