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    Waves from LEDs

    hiphopsuperman Level 2

      Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of these waves in the background whilst using an LED ringlight? Shutter speed?



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          Andy Urtu Level 1

          Looks like it is from the street lights.  If you use differnt shutter speed, it should help.  Are you 50hz and is your camera set at 50p? or 50i?


          I do not know how to remove it within premiere.

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            Level 4

            wow !  thats the weirdest thing I ever saw !


            I couldnt see it on all 'objects' on background ( couple walking in dark in background ) or on the principles at all..

            Nor could I see any flickering street lights ( or ring light - see reflection in window )..

            (normally lights will flicker, not "wave" )


            at one point I thought its not a lighting issue at all..but some weird thing affecting lower midtones only...

            but what baffles me is theres no consistency on what is affected ( not all objects even in that tonal range in background are affected ). Very weird...

            I look forward to what you discover and how its fixed !


            I would definitey go out and shoot a couple tests with ring light on city street similar to where you were ( with mix of street and store light sources )...try a couple different shutter speeds ( 24,30,60 )


            good luck.. thats bizarre !

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              Level 4

              oh.. one more suggestion...

              with your tests....do those 3 shutter speeds with ring light.. and then do same shutter speeds WITHOUT ring light...

              reason is...it could be that maybe the ring light is somehow emitting some kinda weird interferance that is effecting the chip itself ( only in that tonal range and sensitivity range ). maybe that ring light is ok for film but not ok for chips ???  very weird...


              ps.. just fyi.... I sorta assume youll have the equiv of a 180 deg shutter ( like film cam ) when you shoot those frame rates ( which will give you the subsequent shutter speed differences )


              pps... if its the ring light giving interferance to chip itself you dont have to be out at night etc...will happen anywhere so can test anywhere

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                The only place I've ever seen anything like that is trying to video tape a television.  I've never seen it on live footage before.

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                  Level 4

                  jim.. yeah, and weird thing is.. that tv rolling stuff isnt discretionary like this sample .. the waves ( rolls) dont go thru the foreground people ...or even all the background stuff..

                  is very twighlight zonish

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                    Zoop studio Level 1

                    It looks to me something is on auto in your camera settings like gain /shutterspeed/iris/wb.

                    I once had the same issue.