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    PersistenceManager and class


      I'm new to flex using Flashbuilder 4.6, I'm trying to save the users data with presistenceManager.


      When I try to read the data back all that shows is the word: "mySetup" no data, what did I do wrong?


      I made a .as file with this.


      package LocalData



                      public class MySetup


                          public var myName:String;

                           public var myStreet:String;

                           public var myCity:String;

                           public var myPhone:String;

                           public var myPin:String;




      In my view (.mxml) I do this:


      protected function saveButton_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


      var saveManager:PersistenceManager = new PersistenceManager();

      var mySetup:MySetup = new MySetup;


      mySetup.myName = myName.text;

      mySetup.myPhone = myPhone.text;

      mySetup.myStreet = myStreet.text;

      mySetup.myCity = myCity.text;

      mySetup.myPin = myPin.text;



      saveManager.setProperty("setupData", "mySetup");




      Thanks, Kim