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    Make Adobe Digital default

    ellen Jacover



      I have adobe digital reader which works fine. I only do no see any "preferences"
      I had first a Sony E-.reader and I use the Sony software for that on my computer. This was the default. When I downloaded a e-book, it authomaticly opened in that reader and I could transfer it to my e-reader.

      But now I have another e-reader ( BeBook) and this nees to be opened with adobe.
      My problem now is, that when I download a book, it openes still authomaticly in my sony-ereader lybrary. ( on the computer)
      When I open the download again ( manualy) in Adobe, it will show..I can read the book on my computer...but I cannot get it in my BeBook section, which does show up in the adobe digital reader.


      I thought..when i can get the adobe digital reader as the default reader...my downloads will authomaticly open in Adobe Digital.


      So my quoistion is..where can I do this??



      Thank you


      Ellen jacover