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    Help. Help Please, burning to DVD through APE 10


      ok So have been with PE. for years and have just bought a super PC, and forked out for APE 10.... so have just built my movie . with chapters etc . and have now come to burn .....as is my way i burn the file first to file as VOB ... Then normally i burn this using DVD shrink 3.2... But this time for some reason it did not work so i thought i'd burn straight from APE through the "Share" Button (same button as to burn to file) any way (I'm looking at it now as I type) of course there are x3 options (1) burn to DVD. (2) Blu-ray. and (3) AVCHD... ok so follow this .... i opted to burn to DVD but it does not recognise that i have a burner ... now i know your gonna say ...hit the rescan button (Next to the "Burner location button) ... well done that 100 times +  to no avail ... BUT strangly enough... if i chose the option to burn to AVCHD ....Low and behold the burner is there ...("D Optiarc DVD RW AD-7261S") but as you can't play AVCHD files on a normal DVD player i am now stuck as to how to finish off my project... SO would really appreciated some intel on this problem...

      Am running WIN 7

      Have NERO 7 on it (as i need this for DVD shrink to work)

      running DVD shrink 3.2 ... the free version.


      C'mon out there some one must have a work round .... Please

      Dan Williams